MQscore 1.0

MQscore is a program which can be useful for parametric linkage analysis of quantitative traits on the base of large pedigrees without loops. The special algorithm described by Axenovich TI, Aulchenko YS "Solution for underflow problem in linkage and segregation analysis" Comput Biol Chem 2006; 30(5):382-385 was used for solution of computational problems when pedigree size is more then 500.

The program is freeware for non-commercial usage. You may download zipped or gzipped package. We are not responsible for any damage which the usage of the software can lead to.

We would like if you let us know that you are using this program. You are not allowed to change the source code without permission from us.

Send your comments and report bugs to:
Tatiana Axenovich
p-post: Lavrentiev Ave. 10
Institute of Cytology and Genetics
Novosibirsk 630090