To map QTL in model organisms using a data coming from backcrosses. For other analyses see 'modifications.txt'.

Difference from Mapmaker/QTL

There are 2 main differences from MAPMAKER/QTL (M/Q)

  1. Our program allows introducing iteractions between genes (epistasis) into a model with ease.
  2. It allows estimation LODs significance level given the sample and markers genotyped.
  3. While the M/Q uses EM-algorithm, which is model-dependent, our program uses model-independent maximization procedure METHGI (see METHGI documentation). Therefore our program let make an estimates of parameters for a wider range of models.


The program is available for free here. For now, the realization for DOS/Win95/98/NT is available. Given the source, it easy to port the program to UNIX. This requires only a modification in a character input and random numbers format.



Yurii Aulchenko,
Institute of Cytology and Genetics,
630090, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
e-mail: yurii@bionet.nsc.ru
web: http://mga.bionet.nsc.ru