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The Group of the Methods of Genetic Analysis had been created in the Institute of Cytology and Genetics at April of 1989. Dr. Emil Kh. Ginsburg had been the organizer and first head of Group. Prof. Tatiana I. Axenovich is the head of Group now. Our staff consists of five researchers: three geneticists and two applied mathematicians.


Main Goals

The main goals of our group are:


Our Progress

We have compared the properties of different linkage tests, analyzed the power of in silico mapping, solved some problems of pedigree sampling planning, proposed new approach to ascertainment bias correction. We developed a set of new models of inheritance of complex traits and methods of genetic analysis of pedigree data.

Our models and methods have been implemented in software.

With the help of our methods we demonstrated major gene control of hereditary polyposis and primary cancer of the colon (Ginsburg et al., 1989), idiopathic scoliosis (Axenovich et al., 1999) and Scheuermann disease (Axenovich et al., 2001) in human, white head spotting (Axenovich et al., 2004) and hypodontia (Axenovich et al., 2006) in animal. The genetic analysis of complex animal traits such as litter size (Aulchenko et al., 1998; Aulchenko et al., 2002; Axenovich et al., 2007) and hybrid male sterility (Axenovich et al., 1998) became a reality using our methods.


Current Problems

Now main area of our interest is linkage analysis based on large complex pedigrees coming from the human isolated populations or animal breeding records. None of existing software is helpful for analysis such data when pedigree consists of thousand members and includes a great number of loops. We develop algorithms and computer programs for parametric linkage analysis. They are based on breaking loops and likelihood calculation via Elston-Stewart and Stricker et al. algorithms. Methods of IBD calculation and analysis of association are developing now for pedigrees of great size. We fulfill several national and international research projects.


Research Projects


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